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We’ve created a unique three phase recovery program to help you recover from addiction in a safe, supportive, and structured environment.

At Midwest Recovery Centers, we know that everyone recovers from addiction at their own pace. That’s why we’ve designed a three-phase extended care program where clients recover at their own pace using strategies and therapies that work for them. We offer expert care in group therapy, 12-step support, and more to help each of our clients head towards lasting recovery. As one of the most successful treatment centers in the Midwest, we have helped hundreds of people build addiction-free lives. We invite you to learn more about how we can help you or a loved one by calling (844) 990-1578.

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Addiction Rehab For Real Recovery

  • Expert therapeutic treatments for addiction, mental health
  • Experienced clinical team specializing in addiction
  • Three phases of recovery with lasting support
  • 12-step support throughout the recovery process
  • Group and individual therapy to uncover addiction patterns

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Midwest Recovery Centers Programs - Extended Care Model

Transitional Recovery

Our foundational program incorporates three distinct phases of recovery therapy, treatment, and support, including help transitioning back to everyday life.

Family Recovery

Family members of current clients stay in close contact with our clinical team, ensuring they are able to attend frequent group support meetings and remain involved in treatment.

Clinical Services

Our experienced treatment team develops personalized treatment plans for every client, incorporating group and individual therapy and other proven techniques for recovery.


As clients move through the recovery process, our team ensures they have full support from our aftercare program to ensure continuity in their care and treatment.